What is Heb Talk?

Hello and welcome to "Talk of the Hebrides", better known as "Heb Talk".

Heb Talk is a forum for (mainly) political discussion by those who inhabit, or have an interest in, the Hebrides. The aim of the site is to promote genuinely open discussion without political bias, rather than to promote any single point of view or political party.

We hope this site will facilitate political discourse of a thoughtful and considered nature, with contributions and comments from a wide range of people with nothing more in common than a keen interest in current affairs and politics plus a strong connection to the hebrides.

Whether you live here, were born here, or just have an interest in the islands, we invite you to check in regularly to see what's fresh and to comment (or even submit an article) as the mood takes you. Don't be afraid to disagree comeletely and robustly with the contributors and with other commenters, but please try to live within our editorial policy and commenting guidelines.

Above all, get stuck in and enjoy a good argument, whether that's the 10 minute one or the full half-hour.